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Vauxhall Owners Club of Australia (VOCA) Conditional Registration Policy for NSW

The RMS (NSW Roads and Maritime Services) alone issues a permit for conditional registration on the basis of information provided by approved motoring clubs such as the VOCA.

Historic Vehicle Owners must belong to an RMS-recognised historic vehicle club as published on the RMS website. You must be a full member or a family member of the VOCA to obtain conditional registration.

Your registration is a contract between you and the RMS. VOCA merely confirms your membership status and the historic eligibility of your vehicle. If there is a breach of the rules, you will be responsible. If you are tempted to submit bogus forms or misinformation be warned that you can be charged for making false declaration to a public official.

As part of the Scheme VOCA needs to keep accurate records of the vehicles that are registered under the scheme in the event a breach occurs and also for auditing purposes.   

There are two schemes for conditional registration – 


Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS)

Historic vehicles must be 30 years or older and as close to original condition as possible, with no alterations except for manufacturer’s options and safety enhancements such as seatbelts and turn indicators.  (see below link for a detailed list of period acceptable accessories)

Owners of historic vehicles can make owner certified modifications provided they are in accordance with the RMS Document Vehicle Standards Information VSI-06 and VSI-09 (a link to these documents is available on the Club website). Any changes made place the onus on the member/participant to fully appraise themselves with the two schemes as well as the RMS documentation which outlines modifications for light vehicles and just what requires certification and what doesn’t.

If in doubt about owner-certification check with our NSW Plate Registrar/inspectors. They will have the final decision as to what is/is not requiring certification.

Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) (VOCA do not offer this service)

This scheme is for manufactured vehicles 30 years or older where major modifications have been made to the vehicle - beyond the options, accessories and safety items allowed and listed on the Transport NSW website. The vehicle must now meet current Australian Design Rules (ADRs) for the change (e.g., more powerful engine greater than 20%, roll bar, major suspension/steering alterations etc.). The VOCA DOES NOT offer concessional registration for vehicles under the Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS).

Log Book  

The HVS have a log book requirement which is operated by the Australian Council of Motoring Clubs (ACMC) in conjunction with the RMS where (in addition to recognised Club events) you can drive the vehicle for an unrestricted 60 days per year.

Details must be recorded before you leave home using the logbook issued by the RMS for your current period of registration. You should not use old logbooks nor alter logbooks in any way. Club events are additional to the 60 days and you are not required to list these club events in your logbook.  It is advisable to carry evidence of an event in case you are stopped by the police


Owners of vehicles registered under the HVS scheme are responsible for obeying the regulations and conditions stipulated by the RMS. Failure to comply will void the registration and insurances on the vehicle exposing the owner to police fines and/or considerable personal liability in the event of an accident.

HVS vehicles no longer display registration labels. Police now have the capability to photo ID your number plate and they may well turn up to your house and ask to inspect your vehicle or to see the log book entry for the time/day you used the car.

As a member of VOCA you can opt in to the logbook HVS scheme.

To opt in, if your vehicle is still under the old conditional registration scheme, the registered vehicle operator or their representative must attend a registry or service centre and present:

  • Proof of identity such as a NSW driver’s licence

  • Your current Certificate of Conditional Registration

  • Your current Certificate of Approved Operations

  • A completed Change of Records form (available at the registry or online). (Fee payable to ServiceNSW).

  • Notify the Clubs Registrar of the changes

The following condition will be added to the vehicle’s existing conditions:



New Applications for HVS

If you have recently joined the club or you have a vehicle on full registration and you wish to move it on to Conditional Registration follow these steps.

       Step          Action

1            Photograph your car: front on, side on, from rear, interior and open engine bay. 

2            Complete Historic Vehicle Declaration and Club Declaration. Make photocopies of your current Pink slip and                           Registration Renewal (if currently on full rego)

3            Post photos and paperwork to the Plate Registrar. Photos may be emailed.

4.            Please include a stamped self-addressed envelope with your paperwork.

If the Plate Registrar is concerned about the eligibility of the vehicle they may refer you to one of the clubs inspectors or mechanics. 

4            Plate Registrar will stamp and authorise the Historic Vehicle Declaration then return to you by post.

5           Take your ORIGINAL documents to the RMS including the Application for Conditional Registration (Historic Vehic                    Scheme) for payment and issue of new plates and a logbook.

6            When you know the new plate number email it to the Plate Registrar.

              What the RMS will want from you on the Day:

7.           Proof of your identity and ownership (Bill of Sale, previous registration, will, etc.). Joint names are not allowed

8.           A completed Application for Conditional Registration (new applications only) and         a Historic Vehicle                                  Declaration form (white 1259) signed/stamped by a club official stating the member is financial and that the                          vehicle is eligible

9.           Notification of car clubs for which they have membership and nominating a primary club. The listed clubs must                    be on the RMS’ approved list for conditional registration A current pink slip for initial registration or renewal

10.         A registration fee which includes an administration fee, number plate fee and CTP insurance. This insurance only                covers you on roads or road-related areas (e.g., footpaths, nature strips, public driveways, public car parks etc),                    but not on private property


Renewal of HVS. 

Step       Action


1.          Complete Historic Vehicle Declaration and Club Declaration. Obtain a pink slip. Make photocopies of your current Pink                   slip and Registration Renewal documents. 

3.          Post documents to the Plate Registrar. (do not submit original rego or pink slip papers   copies only). Please include a                   stamped self-addressed envelope/

4.          Plate Registrar will sign and stamp the form then return the Historic Vehicle Declaration to     you by post. 

5.          Take your ORIGINAL renewal documents to the RMS fro processing.


To Comply with Conditional Registration – HVS 

The operator may use the vehicle on club runs published in the club magazine or for 60 days as recorded in the log book.

  1. In accordance with the conditions listed on the Certificate of Approved Operations issued by the RMS. This certificate must be carried in the vehicle at all times along with proof of your membership

  2. To carry one person per seating position and seat belts must be worn, where fitted

  3. Interstate usage, continuously for a period of 3 months

  4. Remain a financial member of their nominated club

You will breach conditional registration if you:

  1. Submit an invalid 1259/1835 form or provide other fraudulent information to VOCA

  2. Continue to operate the vehicle if your VOCA membership lapses

  3. Temporarily transfer plates to another historic vehicle for the purpose of moving it

  4. Cease to be a resident of NSW

  5. Make major alterations to the vehicle from year to year that you do not disclose to the RMS (engine, chassis, etc.) and disqualify the car as a historic vehicle in the eyes of VOCA

  6. Sell the vehicle and do not return the plates to the RMS within the approved time frame –usually 14 days.



All renewals and applications for new or continued Conditional Registration must be made through the Club Plate Registrar.

John Reid

Phone: 02 94193686 or 0410 075 119


Mail:  Vauxhall Owners Club of Australia  Inc.

PO Box 457 Artarmon NSW Australia 1570 :


.Conditional Registration Documentation:

Roads & Maritime Services Conditional Registration Scheme Page

Historic Vehicle Declaration [Service NSW website]

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