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Vauxhall Time line. 


Vauxhall Time line milestones 

1857    Alexander Wilson sets up
an Iron Works in London, mainly to produce Marine engines.
1897    Company name changed to Vauxhall Iron Works after Wilson had quit the company he founded.
1903    First Vauxhall car launched.
1904    6hp Vauxhall shines in 
Glasgow-London reliability trial, 12/14hp model launched.
1905    Car factory moves from 
    London to Luton. 7/9 hp
model introduced, also first 4 cylinder model, an 18 hp car.
1906    Bonnet flutes for Vauxhall cars
1907    Vauxhall Motors Limited formed.
1908    20 hp model introduced. One of the new Vauxhalls won the 2000 mile RAC Trials.
1909    B-type 16 hp model announced. 20 hp car gains speed and distance records at Brooklands.
1910    Vauxhall enters three 20 hp cars in Prince Henry of Prussia trial. At Brooklands, a Vauxhall becomes the first 20hp car to exceed 100 mph.
1911    16hp car completes the Russian Reliability Trial. Modified 16 hp Vauxhall takes four world speed records. New 20 hp C-type (Prince Henry).
1912    New 25hp D model arrives. Vauxhall works team enters French Coupe de L’Auto
1913    E-type 4 ½ litre Vauxhall introduced soon known as the 30/98. Model sets up new hill climb record at Shelsley Walsh.
1914    E-type 30/98 comes second in Russian Grand Prix in May. GP Vauxhalls compete in Isle of Man TT race and French Grand Prix.
1914/18    Production of nearly 2000 25hp D-types as Army staff cars.
1922    M-type 14/40 model announced. 25hp D model becomes the 23 hp OD (23/60 model). Three TT racers built. 
1924    Vauxhall Motors withdraws from motor sport.
1925    Vauxhall Motors becomes wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors. 25/70 S-type model launched.
1927    First Holden built bodies for the Vauxhall marque.
1929    T-type 20/60 replaces R type.
1930    Cadet 17 and 26hp models launched. T80 6 cylinder chassis in production.
1931    Vauxhall enters the commercial vehicle market – first Bedford truck, bus and van produced.
1932    First British car with synchromesh gearbox.
1933    Light Six (ASY and ASX) 12 and 14 hp models launched. Also BY and BX 20 and 26 hp 6-cylinder models.
1935    New DY and DX cars replac Light Six models. First British cars with independent front suspension.
1936    GY and GL 25 hp models introduced.
1937    Vauxhall enters the 10 hp market with the H model – first integrally built British car. 
1938    12 hp I-type introduced, also 14 hp J model.
1939    Vauxhall and Bedford – Australia’s top selling British car and truck for the 1930s.
1939/45    War production included over 250,000 Bedford trucks, 5640 Churchill tanks.
1946    Car production resumed – H, I and J models. First post war GM-H car is the J model.
1948    L-type Wyvern/Velox models launched. 
1951    E series wide body Wyvern/Velox introduced.
1953    Jubilee of the Vauxhall car. Company builds its millionth vehicle. GM-H launches E model Vagabond and Utility on the Australian Market.
1954    First Cresta model announced.
1957    First Victor models, 1 ½ litre F-type saloons. PA 6-cylinder models replace the E-types. Last Australian designed Vauxhall body produced. 
1958    Victor estate-car offered – first factory built Vauxhall estate.       
1959    Vauxhall Motors produces its 2-millionth vehicle. Further expansion announced – new car plant in Ellesmere Port.
1961    FB Victor range introduced.
1962    PB 6-cylinder models launched
1963    HA Viva launched.
1964    New Victor 101 (FC series) models. 3.3-litre engine for PB Velox/Cresta.
1965    PC 6 cylinder models introduced. 250,000th Viva produced.
1966    HB Viva models built at Ellesmere Port. PB and FC series cars withdrawn from the Australian market. GM-H imports 200 PC Cresta vehicles.
1967    FD Victor range. Last HA Viva sold in Aust. HB replacement marketed as Holden Torana. No more new Vauxhalls in Australia.
1968    Ventora and 3 new FD Victor estate cars. HB Viva 4-door saloons. Work started on new Millbrook proving ground.
1971    Millionth Viva produced. Firenza coupe announced. Dealer Team Vauxhall formed.
1972    FE 1800 and 2300 Victors introduced.
1975    Chevette hatchbacks and Cavalier saloons and coupe introduced.
1977    Product sharing with Opel becomes future of Vauxhall.
1978    75th anniversary of Vauxhall cars. New models – Carlton, Royale, Cavalier. Equus ‘concept’ car shown publicly.
1980     New Vauxhall Astra front-wheel-drive models launched.
1989    Vauxhall Calibra – the worlds most aerodynamic production car announced.
1990    Bedford name disappears from commercial vehicles. 2,000,000th vehicle produced at Ellesmere Port. Lotus Carlton introduced.
2002    Vauxhall Vectra production ceases at Luton. The plant is converted to commercial van production. Astra production continues at Ellesmere Port.
2003    Centenary of Vauxhall car production – celebrated with the 1000 mile trial around UK.
2009    Vauxhall wins BTCC for the 7th time in 9 years.
2017    Vauxhall/Opel sold by GM to Groupe PSA of France.

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